Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sad crazy blogger account

Sadly something crazy happened with my blog and in order for me to even log on I have to change my password and then it does not recognize my new password, It is crazy and it makes me sad. Anyways I have changed my blog address to www.briannaandwade.blogspot.com and my photo blog is www.whatiseebybri2.blogspot.com

come find me =) Also if you are a private blog add our new e-mail to your list so I can see your blog it is wadeandbrianna@gmail.com Thank you! =)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Birthdays are fun!

You know what?? My besty Ronelle and I are only 1 day apart. Why is this awesome you say? B/c then you get to share cake and have even more to celebrate. Dear everyone the hicky on Ronelle's neck is from Dexter her son.. not the hubs.. vampire child?? Maybe maybe not. I love it none the less.

Thank you M and H for the fun surprise party and games Saturday night!
Sunday I got to celebrate again with friends (I am pretty sure I have the best friends ever)
Ash and Jenny made me dinner, got me a cake, had fun games and invited other friends to come celebrate. (Sadly no pictures were taken)

The day of my birth (August 23rd) Rach, Mike, Wade and I went to the Melting pot for some fondue fun! It was so good! BTW here is a tip go there and expect to spend 2.5 hours, be really full and love it. Also join club fondue( found on the website linked to this page) and enjoy a free chocolate fondue for 2 (restrictions apply)

I like the first picture better of wade and the gang and the second picture better of me.. I was going to use my photoshop to fix it but, Wade always says I never pot bad pictures of me on here so here you go hun..I did it =).

Oh an one last thing... guess what I am getting for my birthday? A house! more details to come.

Monday, August 16, 2010

We are hoping to adopt

Hey all
I just wanted to write a quick note to let you all know that our profile is up and we are hoping to adopt. As many of you know, Wade and I have been trying to grow our family for 3+ years. We completed our fertility testing last year and began the adoption process in February. We are so excited to adopt. Both of our lives have been touched by adoption and know that this is the best path for us. We can't wait to be parents. If you would like to check out our profile the link is on the right hand side of this blog. If you know anyone that would like more information about adoption or is considering adoption please have them contact us. We thank you all for the friendship and support you have given us.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I know I know.. it's been a while

Hey everyone! (Anyone?)
Well this summer has gone by way too fast. I can't believe it is already almost August! Tis the season for birthdays in my family.. including Wade's (it was July 25th) anywho just thought I should catch up with an overview of July... in the nest 4 posts I think.. =)
Here are some pictures from Wade's birthday party

Wade's Cake

Dear Ash you are the best. Yes these are man panties that say "Papi" on them

more fun at the reunion

Our sweet cabin in Bear Lake

This picture crack me up. The older girls were singing Taylor Swift.. as you can see it was not well received by everyone.

Some of the kids did not like the slip and slide.

HATED the slip and slide.

Blue steel?

Gent looking cool in his suit

Some of the fam

Almost everyone

Reunions are my favorite!

Lil' lil with her rollie pollie and Gavin crawling like a big boy.

Family game times with Catan and Wizard

Cute grammy and her gift from the kids.

Cute grammy and her gift from the kids.

out of order? oh how it vexes me...

Here are some pictures from Idaho at the beginning of July. Mike and Hayley came out with theri kids for some family time before they move to China. For some artsy pictures from my photo blg click here.

Here is when Mike ripped the trampoline.. it was a sad day.

And here is Wade enjoying the new one... it was a beautiful night!

This is a picture of Paige wearing my work headset. Sadly I worked the whole time I was there. But this brightened my day a bit.